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Enhance your knowledge, find practical solutions and improve patient outcomes with live or online webinars ....

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Onsite Skin and Wound Management Course

Wound Care Education Institute's wound care programs do more than just prepare you for the National Alliance of ....

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Online or Onsite Diabetic Skin and Wound Management Course

The diabetic wound management program focuses on overall diabetic wound care and promotion of an optimal wound h....

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Onsite Ostomy Management Course

Each year thousands of people face life changing surgeries to correct gastrointestinal or urinary tract disorder....

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Onsite or Online Dietition-Focused Skin & Wound Management course

The Skin & Wound Management course is now available to Registered Dietitians (RD) and Registered Dietitian Nutri....

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Wet-to-Dry: Substandard Care
Diabetic Ulcers Identification and Treatment
Arterial and Venous Wounds

8,267 Reviews

Wounds, Part 1

28,756 Reviews

Wounds, Part 1

Nurses in most settings frequently encounter acute and chronic wounds during routine patient care. Applying the ....

1.0 contact hr

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Providing Relief for Patients With Malignant Wounds

19,188 Reviews

Nutrition to Optimize Wound Healing

4,260 Reviews

Wounds, Part 2

20,040 Reviews

Wounds, Part 2

The goal of treatment is to provide the optimum environment so wound repair can take place without interference.....

1.0 contact hr

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Evidence-Based Care of the Post-Cesarean Section Patient

7,179 Reviews

It’s Just a Stage 1 Pressure Injury. Or is it?

8,202 Reviews

Lymphedema: An "Orphan" Disease

5,002 Reviews